An Opportunity to Educate Up and Coming Physicians and Medical Researchers about Usher 1F

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David R. Cox Scholarship for Rare Compassion

This is a terrific opportunity to educate up and coming physicians about Usher 1F and to interest more researchers in helping us find a cure. If you have Usher 1F, please consider signing up for this program by February 15, 2018.

“With 1 out of 10 people affected by rare disease, still, medical professionals often do not recognize or encounter one of the 7,000 that exist today.

“In an effort to build the bridge of understanding and compassion among medical professionals, Global Genes presents the third year of the David R. Cox Scholarship for Rare Compassion. This scholarship program is an opportunity for emerging medical students to connect to the rare disease community with the goal of developing and understanding compassion for the challenges and lifestyles that patients diagnosed with a rare disease are faced with everyday.

“All medical students are eligible to be matched with a rare disease patient and/or family, and those who meet the requirements may have the opportunity to submit an essay or audio submission about their experience for consideration to receive a scholarship.”

Click here for the Patient Match Request form.

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