Featured in The Jewish Press and The Jewish Week

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Vision for a Cure has been featured in two publications in the past month:

The Jewish Week – A Family’s Eyes On The Prize: When Rachel Chaikof travels the world, she prefers to go alone. Instead of having to adhere to friends’ schedules or a tour group’s extensive itinerary, she likes to go at her own pace.  A passionate artist, she makes it a priority to take in everything she can: a sunset in New Zealand, ancient ruins in the Peruvian city of Machu Picchu, the glow of the Eiffel Tower at night. Chaikof wants to see it all without being rushed.  Read more…

The Jewish Press – Family Starts Nonprofit for Cure for Cause of Deaf-Blindness in Jews: Usher Syndrome is a genetic disease that is the leading cause of deaf-blindness in the world, particularly affecting Ashkenazi Jews, 2% of whom carry the recessive gene for type 1f. Type 1 is the most severe. Those affected are born profoundly deaf with impaired balance; then, retinitis pigmentosa causes them to gradually lose their vision, first with night blindness in early childhood, followed by increasingly narrowing tunnel vision, progressing eventually to total blindness. Read more…


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